Frequency Meter 10Hz – 60MHz

Saturday, March 27th, 2021 - Electronic Tools

The frequency meter can be used to measure the frequency of 10 Hz-60Mhz. The frequency meter has a level of precision or resolution of 10Hz. The frequency meter can be used to measure the frequency of the oscillator, transmitter, frequency generator, cristal, and others during the working frequency trsebut devices in the range 10 Hz – 60MHz. Circuit frequency meter using PIC 16F628A dibagun and with the viewer a 16×2 LCD. Frequency meter circuit is working with the working frequency of 4MHz cristal. The series is an electronic frequency meter is quite simple to make. The following picture of the frequency meter circuit.

Frequency Meter Circuit

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The series of frequency meters above basically works with the source voltage 5VDC. In this series of 7805 voltage regulator has been installed, so it can be operated with a voltage of 5 – 15VDC.

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