Guitar Power Amplifier 100W

Thursday, February 25th, 2021 - Audio

Power amplifier for the guitar is made with OCL system and has a 100W power. This guitar amplifier circuits require a DC voltage source 35 Volt symmetrical. Guitar 100W power amplifier circuit uses a transistor as an final amplifier. The transistors used are TIP35 and TIP36 that gets a signal from the driver transistors BD139 and BD140. 100W power amplifier circuit above guitars equipped with bias voltage control (RV1) the final amplifier, which aims to obtain a constant current at the output (speakers). Guitar 100W power amplifier circuit is a partner with the guitar pre amplifier in the previous article.

The Circuit Of Power Amplifier 100W Guitar

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Resistor at the amplifier end with a value of 0.1 to 0.22 Ohm resistor is 5W with minimal capabilities. Diode on the power amplifier guitar (D2-D5) is a type 1N4148 diode. The resulting output power amplifier circuit is determined by the transistors Q8-Q11 are used. Guitar 100W power amplifier circuit can also use a power transistor in addition to TIP35 and TIP36 (ex. TIP2955, TIP3055) to get the power output as you wish.

Before the guitar amplifier circuit is connected to the load (speaker) output voltage level should be 0 volts when no input signal (input connected to ground), if not 0 volts it needs to be done by adjusting RV1 setting up the output voltage of 0V. Power transistors Q8-Q11 will generate heat during operation, necessitating heatsinks are sufficient to remove heat. The speakers are used to power a guitar amplifier is 4-8 Ohm, do not connect this guitar power amplifier with less than 4 Ohm speakers, because it will burden this 100W power amplifier guitar.

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