Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V Modified Sine Wave

Tuesday, April 27th, 2021 - Power Supply

This inverter circuit can convert 12 volt DC voltage into AC voltage of 220 volts with a Modified Sine waveform or better known as the “Modified Sine Wave Inverter”. This inverter circuit has a modified sine wave output, so it has a better power efficiency than an inverter with square wave inverter type. Inverter circuit “Modified Sine Wave” is simple enough to be made, this inverter circuit built using the IC LM555 astable multivibrator, jonhson STP36No6L counter CD4017 and MOSFET as a power inverter. And a complete range of components to make a list Modified Sine Wave inverter can be seen in the following figure.

Circuit OF Inverter DC 12V to AC 220V Modified Sine Wave

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Above the inverter circuit comprises a square wave generator (IC LM555) with a working frequency of 200Hz is used as a clock input johnson counter IC CD4017 as a modifier to be used as a square wave signal so that the output MOSFET drivers STP36N06L transformers form a modified sine wave. Step-up transformer at the inverter circuit is 10 volt CT transformer that serves to raise the DC voltage into AC voltage modified 220 volt with a modified sine wave output.

So that the output of the inverter circuit “Modified Sine Wave” above has an AC output frequency 50 Hz it is necessary to setup the waveform generator circuit. Working frequency setting is done by adjusting the potentiometer lever 500 Kohm on bagina wave generator (IC LM555) to provide output frequency 200Hz. Setting LM555 IC wave generator frequency to 200 Hz because by johnson counter with a pulse frequency of 200 Hz is used to establish the condition of pulse step 4 MOSFET driver to STP36N06L so that the inverter output frequency to 50 Hz.

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