Light Switch With Photo Transistor

Sunday, March 21st, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Light switches can be made from any kinds of light sensors. Following a series of light switches are made using a photo transistor light sensors. The series of light switches or light control switch is very simple, because it is made with 1 piece of transistors, 1 piece of photo transistor, 1 relay, 1 piece variable resistors and diodes. The series of light switches can work on the voltage 6-12 VDC or DC voltage that judgments in accordance with the relay is used. To set the sensitivity of the exposure is set by VR1. Photo Light Switch Series With these transistors can be used to control some lights in parallel with the power depends on the ability of the relay is used.

Light Switch Circuit With Photo Transistor

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Light Switch Series With Photo Transistor above can be used to control garden lights, street lamps, or lamps lighted at night like it automatically.

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