Light Switch With Relay

Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Light Switch With Relay is a series of electronic switches that are controlled by a series of light received. Light Switch With Relay circuit can be used to control lighting automatically, so the lights can automatically turn on when the room light or the region began to decrease. Limit of light used to activate the electronic switch in the circuit Light Relay Switch With This can be set via the potentiometer P1. P1 setting is basically a light reception sensitivity settings. Light Switch With Relay circuit uses the LDR as the light sensor and an IC 741 as a comparator and reference voltage sensor, relay driver transistor Q1 as as an electronic switch. A complete range of Light Switch With Relay is as follows.

Light Switch With Relay Circuit

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Light Switch With Relay circuit above is a light switch that will be active when the sensor does not receive light, if you want to turn the tables (the active switch when the sensor receives light) it can be done by reversing the position between the LDR and R1. Diodan D1 serves to avoid the effects of EMF or sparking of the relay coil. The circuit is simple and easy to make, I hope to provide ideas and descriptions in the manufacture of a controlled light switch. Hopefully useful.

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