Microphone Pre Amp IC 741

Monday, February 1st, 2021 - Audio

Mic pre amp made ​​by the IC 741 is designed for dynamic microphones and works with a voltage source of 12 VDC. If you want to use this mic pre amp for microphone electret or condenser mic is necessary in adding the 10K resistors on the input line (negative pin C1) which serves to provide a source or bias voltage on the electret microphone. Mic pre amp circuit is fairly simple and easy in assembly because there are no special settings required in the manufacture of a series of mic pre amps with this IC 741.

Circuit Of Microphone Pre Amp IC 741

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Microphone pre amp circuit built with IC741 above are set as non-inverting amplifier. Gain factor of the microphone pre amp IC 741 is determined by the value of R1 and R2 in which the formula factors microphone pre amp gain circuit is (1 + (R2/R1)). For your consideration, the greater the level of reinforcement of the mic pre amp is the more high-sensitivity or sensitivity of the microphone sound reception, so it is also more vulnerable to noise.

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