Optical DC Motor Driver

Friday, March 26th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Optical circuit DC Motor Driver is one solution when different voltage sources with voltage DC motors are used for control circuits. Optical Driver DC motor can be controlled by PWM technique from a microcontroller or computer. Bridge system that is used on DC Motor Driver Optical uses optocoupler interface. By using this interface optocoupler PWM pulses from the microcontroller must be able to provide the drivers to the bridge with a maximum power transistors as a unity with the source voltage DC motor.

Optical circuit DC Motor Driver

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DC Motor Driver Optical circuit above can only be used for low current DC motor drivers, such as wanting to be used to control a DC motor with a larger current BD139 and BD140 transistors can be replaced with a transistor that has a current capacity higher then in pairs heatsink or cooling . Hopefully a simple circuit Optical DC Motor Driver can be helpful and useful.

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