Optical Rotary Encoder

Thursday, May 6th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Rotary encoder is one component that can be used to calculate the number of revolutions of a rotating object. Optical rotary encoder is a rotary encoder in the data readout round use optical sensor or light. Mechanical counting the number of rounds with a rotary encoder is often used in measuring the rotation speed of a DC motor or other rotating objects. Part optical rotary encoder in general there are three main parts as shown in the illustration below the rotary encoder.

Illustration Of Optical Rotary Encoder

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In the manufacture of optical rotary encoder there are three main parts:

  • Transmitter light
  • Receiver light
  • Wheels chopped

Light Rotary Encoder Transmitter

This section can use LED diodes in pairs beside the wheel enough to slice with the direction of the transmit light into the mince dish. The laying of such aims to light from the LED can pierce holes in the wheel chopped chopped.

Receiver Light Rotary Encoder

Reciver light can use a photo diode photo transistor ataau placed on the other side of the wheel enough to slice with a light reception direction toward the wheel chopped. The laying of such aims for a light receiver can receive light emitted from the transmitter and can read the changes in the exposure of each movement of the wheel chopped.

Wheels chopped Rotary Encoder

This section is a major part of which will relate to rotate objects. Wheel chop dish that can be made from regularly enforced holes on its edges. Chopped holes in the wheel that will make the occurrence of abrupt light on the receiver’s reception of light.

We can use as a transmitter and receiver optocoupler light. Optocoupler can be used to rotay optocoupler encoder is equipped with a model of U because of loopholes that are specifically designed to put the object to be measured (wheel chopped).

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