Output Type Inverter

Friday, February 26th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Inverter is an electronic circuit that can convert low DC voltage into AC voltage, eg inverter 12VDC to 220VAC. The use of inverters in the everyday can be found in the car, office or home with a source of electrical energy from light. The output of an inverter is very influential on the performance of electrical devices that disupplynya. The output is meant here is the output waveform of an inverter. Here is an overview of the output waveform of an inverter.

Inverter Output Wave form

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Viewed from the inverter output can be categorized into three types, namely:

Inverter with square wave output

Inverters with an output square wave is an inverter with low quality, this is because in this type of inverter output will experience the condition is at its peak output voltage and output voltage is the lowest point at a time, when the signal crosses zero (zero crossing) so that it will overload on the inverter itself on the condition.

Inverter with modified square wave output

Inverter with a modified form of the wave has a better ability, because there is no overload condition on the inverter itself. The weakness of this type is the inverter voltage interruption condition otuput inverter in the event of zero crossing. This resulted in inability to use the inverter to supply the type of load coil (fans, AC motors, etc.).

Inverter with sine wave output

This type of inverter is an inverter in accordance with the standards that we need for all electronic devices. Inverter with sine wave output is the best because the quality of its output with an AC voltage source from the commercial power grid so that no adverse effect on the electronic device is supplied.

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