Parking Sensor In The Garage

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Parking proximity sensor circuit in the garage is designed to determine the distance between the car and garage wall. Proximity sensor circuit uses infrared light to determine the distance the car and garage wall. Circuit in the garage parking proximity sensor is preferably placed on the garage wall and the sensor facing the car and placed on the side indicators easily visible when parking. Indication of the distance between car and wall displayed through LED indicator 3 buaah D5, D6 and D7. D7 LED indicator will light when a car and a wall distance of 20cm, then D7 and D6 will light when the distance the car and the wall of 10cm, then D7, D6 and D5 will light when the distance of the car and the wall of 6cm.

Circuit Of Parking Sensor In The Garage

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Component List Of Parking Sensor In The Garage

  • R1 = 10K; R2, R5, R6, R9 = 1K; R3 = 33R; R4, R11 = 1M; R7 = 4k7; R8 = 1K5; R10, R12-R14 = 1K
  • C1, C4 = 1μF 63V; C2 = 47pF; C3, C5 = 100μF 25V
  • D1 = Infra-red LEDs
  • D2 = Infra-red Photo Diode
  • D3, D4 = 1N4148; D5, D6, D7 = LED
  • IC1 = NE555
  • IC2 = LM324
  • IC3 = 7812

In the circuit with infra red distance sensor for parking garage consists of two parts, namely an infrared transmitter and infrared receiver.

Infrared Transmitter

Section infrared transmitter built with infrared LEDs D1 driven by IC1 NE555 astable multivibrator with a frequency of 120Hz working.

Infrared Receiver

Parts made with the IR receiver infrared photodioda D2 and amplified by the amplifier inverting IC2A. Then sebgai voltage comparator signal processor used three levels namely IC2B, IC2C and IC2D with the reference voltage is set by a combination of a voltage divider R8, R9 and R10.

D1 and D2 in the proximity sensor circuit should be placed side by side and facing the line of cars to be parked in the garage.

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