Power Amplifier 70W TDA1562Q

Monday, May 3rd, 2021 - Audio

Power amplifier IC TDA1562Q is a 70W power amplifier with diagnostic capability and protection against internal temperature amplifier. TDA1562Q power amplifier circuit has a maximum capacity of 70W output power with BTL configuration. Power amplifier circuit with IC TDA1562 is a mono power amplifier 70Watt, so to get a stereo power amplifiers need to make a series of 70W power amplifier TDA1562Q is 2 units.

70W Power Amplifier circuit TDA1562Q

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The ability of the power amplifier TDA1562Q IC diagnosis of the internal temperature is at normal temperature then the power amplifier will operate with maximum capacity at H class with a maximum output power of 70W. Then when the temperature reaches the temperature of the IC TDA1562Q 120 ° C then the TDA1562 IC protection system will govern the operation to be a class B power amplifier with maximum output power 20 Watt. And in case of supply voltage drop for power amplifier TDA1562Q is the protection system will set the mode to mute or silent position. To always get the performance of 70 Watt power amplifier is the maximum we need to install the heatsink is sufficient for cooling this TDA1562Q IC.

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