Power Supply 12V Without Travo

Saturday, March 6th, 2021 - Power Supply

Circuit power supply without travo this can be an alternative to make 12V DC voltage source directly from the commercial power grid without the use travo stepdown. The main part of the power supply without travo consists of lowering or limiting current, voltage regulator rectifier and filter. Circuit power supply without travo in detail can be seen in the following figure.

The Series Of Power Supply Without Travo

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Current limiter section is R2, then D1-D4 serves as a rectifier. D1-D4 is structured as a bridge rectifier for the power grid is a network of a phase interface. Then the filter using a filter capacitor C2 and voltage regulators use a 12V zener diode.

NB. Power supply circuit is connected directly to high voltage power lines, do not touch the components or lines from the power supply or equipment supplied by the power supply circuit without travo when ON.

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