Power supply 5V 5A With MJ2955

Thursday, April 8th, 2021 - Power Supply

Power supply 5V 5A With MJ2955 in the picture below circuit using LM7805 positive voltage regulator and a current amplifier MJ2955 PNP transistor type. Power supply circuit with a voltage of 5 volts DC is often used to provide the DC voltage source to the circuit or TTL control circuits to the microcontroller. Power supply used in digital systems should memeiliki output voltage stable and resistant to noise. Complete circuit and parts lists to blindly 5A 5V power supply can be seen in the following figure.

Power supply 5V 5A With MJ2955

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Power supply 5V 5A with MJ2955 in the picture above is built using several components which works as follows.

  • Step-down tranformer 220V / 12V 5A without CT serves to lower the 220V AC voltage into AC voltage 12 V.
  • 5A diode bridge and capacitor C1 serves as a rectifier AC voltage into DC voltage
  • Positive voltage regulator LM7805 is used to regulate the output voltage of the power supply so stable at 5 volts DC.
  • MJ2955 PNP transistor works as an amplifier and a current of up to 10A fixed output voltage of 5 volts DC which is controlled by the IC regulator LM7805

5A 5V power supply circuit can be used to provide a supply voltage to a digital circuit or microcontroller TTL is quite complex. At rangkaia 5A 5V power supply needs to be installed heatsink sufficient for regualator MJ2955 power transistor as the transistor tersbut will generate heat in the load circuit is large. May the 5 volt circuit 5A power suplly with this MJ2955 transistor.

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