Pre-Amplifiers Guitar With TL072

Monday, January 4th, 2021 - Audio

Pre-amplifier circuit of this guitar has many features that are useful in tuning the guitar tone. Input this guitar pre amplifier provides 2 different input channels in the audio signal amplification. Hi useful input for a guitar with low output signal level input lines Lo then used for a guitar that has a high output signal. Different input pathways are intended to avoiding over-gain to the input signal with a high level, so the pre-amplifier output signal is not distorted. This guitar pre amplifier circuit using IC TL072 which is a low noise op amp. The series of pre amplifer this guitar requires a symmetrical supply voltage 15VDC.

The Circuit Of Pre Amplifier Guitar

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Pre amplifier guitar has a tone above the bass tone control, Midle and treble. other than that the preamplifier is equipped with a bright button that serves to reduce the level of reinforcement when the bright treble tones are enabled. This guitar pre amplifier circuit basically consists of three levels of the amplifier with the amplifier end of the amplifier a level with the BC549 transistor.

In the second amplifier D1-D4 (1N4148) with R14 serves to audio signal clipping when setting the volume too high. To increase the gain in total can be done by raising the value of R6. And in case of noise then the R11 can be increased, if the noise does not exist anymore and want to add to the strengthening of R11 can be minimized.

Preamplifier circuit is in need of symmetrical 15V DC voltage source, but has been equipped with a voltage regulator with a 15V zener diode. So that the input voltage source for this guitar pre amplifier can be drawn from the power supply circuit power amplifier with a higher working voltage.

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