Rain Detector Using 555

Friday, April 23rd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Rain Detector Using 555 is a simple alarm that can be used to find out it was raining. Rain Detector Using In principle this is an astable multivibrator 555 which is prepared by IC555 with a sensor attached that can detect water. Astable multivibrator with the 555 is set in the audio frequency with a frequency of 1 KHz. Using Rain Detector circuit 555 can be disupplay with voltage source that is free enough from 5-15 VDC. In the application circuit Rain Detector Using this 555 can be mounted motor, car or other object that we want to protect from rain.

Rain Detector Using a series of 555

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Water sensor used in the circuit 555 Rain Detector Using this we can make yourself degan a PCB that we make the path as shown in the image above or as disclosed from the image above is by using aluminum foil taped to a board or boards that are plastic insulator . The important principle of this sensor is to conduct electrical current very well when the surface is exposed to water even a little. Hopefully useful …

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