Reversed Polarity Protectors With MOSFET

Monday, February 22nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

The polarity of a voltage source electronics devices prone to rollovers polarity voltage source is given. The function of the circuit protector with a reverse polarity voltage mosfet is to prevent the occurrence of the condition. Polarity of this voltage surge protector circuit utilizing the P-Channel MOSFET Drain and Source. The circuit is built from three main components namely MOOSFET Q1, zener diode ZD1 and R100K in the gate of Q1.

Protectors series Polarity Reversed By MOSFET

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Unlike the concept of a protection voltage with 1 diode that will hold the event flow reverse polarity voltage source. With the surge protector circuit reverse polarity voltage of the MOSFET current source is then track the source voltage becomes open circuit or disconnected making it safe for the devices in the supply and power supply.

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