Running Lamp AC 220V

Monday, February 22nd, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

AC 220V lamp running series is a development of the running LED with DC source. The main component to make the display running lights in sequence using a given IC CD4017 clock source from the astable multivibrator circuit with IC 555. Running lamp circuit has 6 channel outputs are connected to AC 220V light bulb using SCR type FIR3D. Complete circuit can be seen in the figure of running lamp 220A AC circuit.

Running Lamp 220V AC circuits

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Running lights on the circuit 220V AC lamp above is a sequence of lamp L1 to L6 later and returned to the L1 again. The speed of change or shift lights is determined by the frequency pulses applied to the IC CD4017. Pulse control lights on the running lamp is determined by the astable multivibrator 555. Working frequency shift lights or speed can be adjusted with VR1.

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