Schematic Lamp TL 10W 12 Volt DC

Friday, April 16th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Schematic 10W fluorescent lamp is 12 volt DC circuit to turn on the fluorescent lamp that is generally turned on the AC mains voltage, but with this simple circuit 10W fluorescent lamp can be lit with 12 volt DC voltage source that can be drawn from the battery or accumulator. 10W fluorescent lamp circuit 12 volt DC This will be useful to power outages and network sat only a source of energy in the form of 12 volt battery or accumulator. Electronic circuit contained in a series of 10W fluorescent lamp 12 volt DC serves as a DC to AC inverter with a high working frequency. A complete range of fluorescent lamp is lit with a battery that can be viewed in full on the following series of images.

Schematic Lamp TL 10W 12 Volt DC

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TL light circuit above is very simple and can be made easily without the use of PCBs. Components used to create a series of fluorescent lamp 10W above 12 volts DC readily available in the market. Function of electronic circuits on a fluorescent lamp is a DC voltage to AC inverter and to raise the voltage. Working frequency electronic circuits on a fluorescent lamp is high enough. It is intended that do not require a fluorescent lamp starter. Electronic circuit on the circuit drawing 12V DC fluorescent lamp above the ballast transformer instead of the conventional fluorescent lamp lighting techniques. 10W fluorescent lamp circuit 12 Volt DC above can be used as emergency lights or emergency lights when the power grid outages.

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