Schematic LED Lamp (Light Emitting Diode)

Sunday, April 18th, 2021 - Electronic Component

Schematic of LED lights often we need to make a device or as an indicator of the emergency lighting equipment. The series of LED lights in the figure below can be used as a reference tool in making lamps using LED (Light Emitting Diode). Basically a circuit of LED lights is very simple, consisting of a voltage source (battery or or other voltage source), resistor (as the current holder) and LED (as the load to be turned on). Before making a series of LED lights need to know the physical construction or shape of the LED component is one not to determine the LED legs. The following physical picture and symbol LED.

Shapes and symbols LED (Light Emitting Diode)

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Of images and symbols that we can distinguish the LED above the LED pin is the anode and cathode. Anode on the LED circuit should be connected to the positive source and the cathode is connected to a negative voltage source. The series of LED lights as described above consists of tagangan source, resistor and LED. The basic circuit for LED LED lamps can be lit and no damage can be seen on the following basic circuit LED lights.

Basic circuit LED lights

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From elementary a circuit of LED lights mounted on a resistor that serves to keep the current flowing to the LED. This resistor should only be installed because the LED maximum current of 20 mA flows through it, if more than 20 mA is then the LED will drop out or die. to determine the value of resistor can be calculated by the following formula.

  • R = Resistor (Ohm)
  • Vs = voltage source to power the LED (volts)
  • 0.02 Amperes = maximum LED current

LED to LED lights on a circuit of can be in parallel or series, an LED is more than one then the resistor value and the number of resistors are installed following the shape of a circuit of is used, the maximum critical current that flows in the LED is 20 mA. The greater the voltage source, the greater the resistance value of resistor is used.

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