Schematic Power Amplifier With LM1875

Friday, February 5th, 2021 - Audio

Power amplifier circuit shown below using the principal components of a power amplifier IC LM1875. Circuit by IC LM1875 power amplifier is able to give an output power of 20 watts RMS when given at 4 Ohm load loud speaker. Power amplifier IC LM1875 is a power amplifier that does not require a lot of supporting components. Power amplifier circuit is made or assembled by IC LM1875 power amplifier to be simple and easily assembled in a small power amplifier PCB. Circuit and component list for 20-watt power amplifier with LM1875 IC can be seen in full in the following figure.

Schematic Power Amplifier With LM1875

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20 watt power amplifier circuit above, requires a DC voltage source is symmetric ± 25 VDC to ± 30 VDC when using 8 Ohm speaker load to keep it produces an output power of 20 watts. Power amplifier IC LM1875 has reliable technical specifications as follows.

  • Low distortion: 0015%, 1 kHz, 20 W
  • Wide power bandwidth: 70 kHz
  • Protection for AC and DC short circuits to ground
  • Thermal protection with parole circuit
  • High current capability: 4A
  • Wide supply range 16V-60V
  • Internal output protection diodes
  • 94 dB ripple rejection

LM1875 is a power amplifier IC chip power amplifier with a simple 5 pin. PCB to create or assemble a 20 watt power amplifier LM1875 is also simple, and can be seen in the following figure.

PCB Of LM1875 20 Watt Power Amplifier Circuit

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LM1875 power amplifier can produce heat at the time of maximum work, therefore LM1875 IC power amplifiers need to be equipped with cooling (heat sink).

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