Schematic Tone Control Stereo 3 Way

Sunday, April 25th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Stereo tone control circuit in the picture below can be used to control the 3 tone (tone bass, midrange tone and treble tone) on the audio system. This stereo tone control circuits using operational amplifiers (Op-Amp) IC types can also use a TL072 or NE5532 IC. Stereo tone control circuit in this article is the tone control with amplifier type active baxandall 1 levels using Op-Amp IC TL072 or NE5532. 3 stereo tone control circuit this tone requires a DC voltage source is symmetrical ± 15 volts DC. Complete circuit along with a list of components to create a series of 3 tones stereo tone control can be seen in the following figure.

Schematic Tone Control Stereo 3 Way

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The series of stereo tone on tone control 3 way audio signal amplification can provide ± 18 dB / octave tone settings for each track. The series of stereo 3-way tone control above consists of two main parts.

Baxandall filter section, the tone control section consisting of bass tone control with bass tones strengthening regulatory control using a potentiometer 100 Kohm on Low path. Then the midle or midrange tone control which is controlled using a potentiometer 100 kOhm at midle tone lines. And treble tone control settings treble tone reinforcement is controlled using a 470 Kohm potentiometer on the path to high tones.

Amplifier section, which is part of the signal amplifier using operational amplifiers (Op-Amp) IC TL072 or NE5532 type which serves to strengthen the signal of the filter circuit baxandal with feedback (feedback).

For the purposes of setting the tone on the “3-way tone control circuit” this can be done by replacing the value of the components used in accordance with the cut-off point of the desired tone.

Setting the tone for bass can be adjusted by adjusting the value of the capacitor 47nF or R 10 kOhm at the center pin potensiomenter bass tones. For midrange tone settings can be done by setting the value of 22 nF capacitor in the midrange tone control. Then to set the cut-off treble tones can be done by setting the value of 4.7 nF capacitor to pin the middle treble tone potentiometer. Setting the tone control circuit components on the stereo, above, are able to determine the center point of each note is arranged as you wish on a series of stereo 3-way tone control over.

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