Schematics Power Amplifier 180W BTL / 2x80W Stereo

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Power amplifier circuit shown below can be set as BTL power amplifier (mono) or stereo power amplifier to set the jumpers that have been provided. Circuit power amplifier can deliver output with 180W of power in BTL configuration (mono) and 80 watts on each channel (2×80 watts) at the time of the set as a stereo power amplifier. Power amplifier uses a power IC TDA7294, TDA7294 IC power amplifier is an audio power amplifier IC chip that operates at a class AB. This power amplifier circuit using the type of audio power IC TDA7294 is supplied with a DC voltage source is symmetrical ± 25 volts to 35 volts with a current ± 6A. Power amplifier circuit of this amplifier can be used in a variety of loudspeaker loads from 4 Ohm to 16 Ohm. Series and the complete list of components can be seen in the figure following a series of power amplifiers.

Schematics Power Amplifier 180W BTL / 2x80W Stereo

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In the circuit of power amplifier The above are some jumpers that serves to regulate the operation of the circuit configuration of power amplifier. There are two modes that can be operated by the power amplifier power amplifier in the circuit above the BTL mode (mono) and stereo mode.

At the time operated in BTL mode (Bridge Transformer Less) or mono then jumper J1, J2, J3 and J4 linked short (short) then use an audio input channels L input channels.

Image component layout and PCB path for power amplifier circuit in the figure above can be seen in the following figure.

PCB Power Amplifier 180W BTL / 2x80W Stereo

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Components Layout Power Amplifier 180W BTL / 2x80W Stereo

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In the above PCB power amplifier has been equipped with a power supply circuit is integrated in a PCB ynag so just give the source of the input voltage to the output transformer CT 25 volts to 32 volts to produce a symmetrical output voltage to supply 180W power amplifier circuit BTL / 2x80W Stereo above.

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