Short Circuit Protector For 78xx

Monday, February 1st, 2021 - Power Supply

Short circuit protector is a series of standard short circuit protector of positive voltage regulator 78xx. Variations in short circuit protection circuit is a series 78xx obtained from regulator 78xx datasheet. Short circuit protector circuit is to use RSC as the current sensor. Configuring short circuit protection in this circuit configuration built by 2 pieces of PNP transistor and the resistor RSC. The complete series can be seen in the figure below.

Circuit Of Short Circuit Protector For 78xx

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Power regulator circuit uses PNP MJ2955 transistor because the transistor drain current is expected to be able to fit current maximum that will be assessed as a short circuit by the RSC. To set the maximum allowable current limit can be done by adjusting the resistance value corresponding formulations in the datasheet RSC 78xx regulators.

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