Simple DC Fan Controllers

Monday, February 8th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

DC fan speed controller is a controller 12V DC small fan. DC fan controller circuit is not using the PWM method in the regulation of DC motor rotation speed of the fan. Mechanical rotation DC motor speed control with this circuit is to adjust the bias voltage supply is supplied to the DC motor. DC fan controller circuit is also equipped with a thermal protector which serves to lower the rotation speed of a DC motor DC motor when the temperature rises on the fan.

The series of Simple DC Fan Controllers

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DC fan controller circuit above uses 2 trimpot which serves to set the maximum speed of a DC motor (P2) and to regulate the temperature at the lowest speed DC motors up (P1). P1 on the circuit a DC fan controller functions to determine the reference voltage op-amp TL082 comparator, voltage reference is used as the reference temperature sensor is a DC motor. P2 on the circuit a DC fan controller serves as a feedback and reinforcement factors determining the voltage at the comparator OP-amp TL082, the strengthening of this voltage is used to determine the maximum speed of the DC motor.

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