Simple Inverter Circuit

Saturday, April 17th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Inverter circuit is a circuit that serves to modify and increase the DC voltage into AC voltage and switching system using step-up transformer. Inverter circuit can be made with simple as shown below. Simple inverter circuit in the figure below is an example of a series of half-wave inverter with AC output voltage and square wave output waveform (square wave). Simple inverter circuit shown below can change the voltage of 12 volts DC into 120 volts AC with a voltage transformer or suitable to be used. And a complete range of components used to make the inverter can be seen in the following figure.

Simple Inverter Circuit

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Simple Inverter Components List

  • R1, R2 = 100 Ohm; R3, R4 = 4,7 KOhm
  • C1, C2 = 2,2uF/25V
  • D1,D2 = 1N4002
  • Q1, Q2 = TIP31
  • Transformer = Trafo CT 12 V

Inverter circuit above can be used to power lights, air conditioning, because this is the inverter output AC voltage with square wave forms (square wave), the inverter circuit can not be used to operate the electric motor or inductive loads.

Simple inverter circuit output voltage can be changed according to the transformer primary terminal being used. Inout voltage for this inverter circuit is a 12 volt DC voltage that can be taken from a battery, solar cell or other source of DC voltage.

Series transistors Q1, Q2 and RC (R3, R4, C1 and C2) is an astable multivibrator circuit with the load of the transformer CT which serves as the step-up transformer (the primary output, the secondary as input). Multivibrator generated pulse, by Q1 and Q2 are used to provide input to the source voltage step-up transformer to generate the output voltage at the primary transformer in the inverter circuit is simple.

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