Stepper Motor Driver With UCN5804

Monday, April 26th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

UCN5804 is designed specifically for the purpose of stepper motor drivers. Stepper motor driver with ICUCN5804 is very simple and uses only 2 additional components as current-limiting resistors which flows into the stepper motor, and even then can be removed so that the stepper motor driver is a pure IC UCN5804 only use only. UCN5804 IC can be used for stepper motor driver with 5-20VDC voltage. Source voltage required for stepper motor driver circuit with IC UCN5804 follows the voltage of the stepper motor. Picture a series of stepper motor driver ICs with UCN5804 in detail can be seen in the following figure.

Stepper Motor Driver Circuit With UCN5804

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In the series of stepper motor drivers with IC UCN5804 above to run a DC motor takes 2 inputs ie, the input signal and the input logic stepper direction of rotation. The input signal is a pulse stepper with a certain frequency where the frequency of these pulses that determines the speed of stepper motor puter. Then the input logic is a stepper motor rotating direction input logic 0 and 1 that is given to the IC UCN5804 to adjust the stepper motor rotating direction.

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