Stereo Power Amplifier TDA2007

Saturday, February 27th, 2021 - Audio

TDA2007 stereo power amplifier has a power of 6 Watts for each channel. Stereo power amplifier is very simple and uses only one IC TDA2007 only and requires a DC voltage source +8 VDC to +26 VDC. Supporting components for power amplifier circuits are built with TDA2007 IC is very little that serves as a compensator input signal and feedback circuits. Stereo power amplifier circuit is suitable for home audio does not require a big power in sound reproduction. Here’s a picture series of its TDA2007 stereo power amplifier.

Stereo Power Amplifier circuit TDA2007

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TDA2007 stereo power amplifier circuit that is required to cooler or heatsink for IC TDA2007, TDA2007 IC during operation because it will generate heat. The quality of sound produced from the circuit power amplifier TDA2007 is included in the good category. Applications that can be encountered from TDA2007 stereo power amplifier is the car audio system. Staying power amplifier circuit is coupled with a tone control or equalizer only for use at home.

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