Synchronous Counter

Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 - Digital

Description Of Synchronous Counter

Synchronous counter will overcome problems such as delays in asynchronous counter in the previous article. In the “synchronous counter” when the flip-flop should change state, all the flip-flop on synchronous counter will be replaced at the same time. In synchronous counter to get the logic changes the output of each flip-flop at the same time all the input clock line is connected in parallel, while J and K inputs are connected using additional logic gates foundation to interpret the logic tertinngi each like. Here is shown a picture synchronous counter.

Basic Circuit Synchronous Counter

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In synchronous counter like the picture above, the output Q is connected to the inputs J and K in a series, following all the clock is connected in parallel and to ensure a state of flux at the same time takes an additional AND gate, with this flip-flop C will change when the two flip-flop A and B are in a logic 1. Excess incidence of synchronous counter is not glitches when the series in pairs in a decade.

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