TGS812 Gas Sensor Applications

Monday, March 22nd, 2021 - Sensor/Tranducer

TGS812 gas sensors can be used to detect leakage of liquefied petroleum gas that is often used for cooking in the home. Application circuit of gas sensor can detect a gas leak that occurred in the household and provides a signal when the gas leak through the alarm. The series of gas sensors TGS812 application is pretty simple and practical to use because the full ith supplynya power circuit as shown in the picture below.

TGS812 Gas Sensor Application circuit

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The main components are used in addition to the gas sensor TGS812 is FCS9013 transistors and SCR RC10. In principle the above circuit works in case of gas leak and the gas detected by the sensor TGS812. TGS812 sensors are very sensitive in detecting the presence of gas and converting the electrical changes. Then the gas leak detection results are used to trigger the SCR through transistor FSC9013 to lock the relay in the ON position. Indicators may include an alarm which is connected with the source of DC or AC, because the system uses relay switching.

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