Wireless Microphone With 3 Transistor

Thursday, March 4th, 2021 - Electronic Hobby

Wireless microphone 3 transistor circuit is supplied with a DC voltage of 3 volts from 2 pieces of AA batteries. Transmission distance of wireless microphone 3 transistors can be used a maximum of 300 meters on VHF frequency range (88-108 MHz) that can be received by FM receiver in general. Microphone is used for wireless microphone circuit condenser microphone is 2 feet, if you want to use a dynamic microphone then R1 must be removed.

Wireless Microphone With 3 Transistor Circuit

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The series of critical frequencies on the wireless microphone with 3 transistors is the configuration of the LC, namely L1 and C4. L1 is a coil made with coper wire 3 mm and 0.66 mm email ridden by 5 turn. To adjust the working frequency of the wireless microphone can be done by adjusting the ferrite core on the coper L1.

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